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Our Vision


The Internet of Nothing (ION) is a community of tech-savvy, yet lovable ne'er-do-wells.  Our goal is to deliver mirth and insight into the world of technology mascot tomfoolery and to report on other improbable, unprovable, and irresponsible happenings in the tech space!​

Technology has changed the way we live, sometime even positively.  Self-important industry titans, honor-less VC charlatans and scrum masters who have taken a 2 day Agile for Idiots seminar have delivered a charnel house of over budget yet feature-free user experiences.

At the Internet of Nothing we salute these unsung heroes of digital transformation.  Like Google Glass, we hope to peer into the future to identify those pioneers who will bring us the next generation of costly and sadly not career-ending technology shenanigans.  


At ION we’re passionate about making as close to libelous insights as possible that allow you to navigate the treacherous back alleys of this wretched hive of villainy we call a day job.

Meet our Team

James Ryan

Founder and Executive Fainéant

jr good headshot.jpg

Eccentric and reclusive founder (flounder) of The Internet of Nothing.  Jim's primary interests  include collecting rare swag, debugging his own code, and monetizing big ideas

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Bob Cats

Interim Chief Mascot Officer (CMO)


Unsung and largely replaceable New York icon.  We know for his massive collection of catnip and absurd number of restraining orders, Mr. Cats brings to ION an unmatched record of bad ideas.

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Michel Nostradame

Chief Strategist and Head of Acquisitions


Known in the industry as Nostradamus, Michel uses advanced analytics such as very big data, tarot cards, and amulets to divine ION's path to greatness,

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