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Argo AI: Ford Motors Edsel of Startups

And by reimagining, Ford means flee from the scene of the accident at warp speed. Maybe my imagination is what it once was, but I can imagine the Red Bull-fueled bender that led to some PR drone this gem:

Ford CEO Jim Farley acknowledged that the company anticipated being able to bring autonomous vehicle technology broadly to market by 2021. ‘But things have changed, and there’s a huge opportunity right now for Ford to give time — the most valuable commodity in modern life — back to millions of customers while they’re in their vehicles,’ said Farley.”

How's that Jimbo? By delivering cars that breakdown so often that the your customers can read the owner's manual while waiting for a tow truck? Just kidding, we all know Ford makes great car. Every classic cars how has at least one flaming Ford Pinto.


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