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Mashroom: Toadstool, Fungus, or Disruptor?

In full disclosure, I grew up in New York City. Two phrases I've never heard are 'Let Rent Thrive' and 'Trust Landlords." Now our friends at Mashroom (ok, I don't really know them) want to change that state of affairs. Anything is possible but my personal experience with landlords suggests it's not likely before the Sun burns out. From typical relationship problems such as unreturned security deposits, drunken doormen, and maintenance request unresponsiveness I'm pretty sure that this is a job that's going to require more than your typical mobile app! The good news are the the employees like working there (free lunch) and the customer reviews are solid. Bad news, uhh what exactly is the revenue model if it is all free and why is there a scary giant cat above the house in the ad?


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