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Reali: Bad News for Investors

Where do we start?

Reali, the real estate and fintech platform transforming home buying and selling, announced today it will shutdown and will be layoff most of the workforce. Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Amit Haller said, "Reali was one of the pioneering companies to offer the 'buy before you sell' and 'cash offer' programs to homeowners. We believed deeply in benefiting the consumer foremost in every transaction. The six years Reali spent evolving the prop tech market in California helped elevate and transform the industry."

I know, let's start the the 'buy before you sell' model concept. We're all familiar with this market due to the high number of hand painted cardboard signs stapled to you nearest utility pole as shown:

Now who couldn't see the potential of using modern technology (and a few HTML tags) to disruptive this clearly archaic distribution channel? It's shocking that Reali did not make it. Well good luck next time you real estate visionaries, you've laid the foundation for the next generation of foosball playing slumlords.


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